This blog is a compilation of tools, publications, and information I have gathered over the years.

Please use the menu above at your dispense in order to protect yourselves and families; and to open the eyes of others around you.

Financial Publications = List of sites and publications detailing financial advice along with an economic focus on both national and international levels

Food & Storage = Article & Video  instructions, recommendations, and knowledge for providing/producing food in order to become self sufficient

Guns and Ammo = Article & Video  instructions, recommendations, and knowledge for purchasing and maintaining a weapon

Humans Dark Nature = Compilation of videos and articles shattering the illusion of people coming together during hard times

Red Pill = A cameo title from the Matrix (You can see it above), when Morpheus offers Neo the choice of the blue or red pill. The red pill leading towards the opening of his eyes and initial freedom from the system in which he was systematically enslaved

Reading List = Compilation of books I have read that formed a foundation for my financial education

Tactical/Operational Training = Links to sites that offer numerous types of training that will benefit you in hard times

Vitamins = Videos and articles I come across daily that are up to date with current events. This category is ideal for someone who does not wish to take the time to subscribe to all the daily publications I do.

Health & Nutrition = Article & Video  instructions, recommendations, and knowledge on maintaining a healthier lifestyle

Funnies = Distractions from the eye opening scenario of a runaway car (America) heading off of a cliff.

Operation Extreme Couponing = In the coming weeks I will start to cover how you can literally get 80-100% off of household grocery items. I use to charge $5/month for this information but will not be giving it away for free. The ultimate goal is within 6 months to have you and your family stocked up on everything you will need in the case of a collapse.

5 responses to “Welcome

  • Andy Barnard

    Hey man,
    Love the blog, looks like you have some really great info to get someone started on the path to enlightenment.
    Only suggestion… Might want to hyperlink everything just for ease of use.
    This looks like a great platform to start from, if their is any way I can contribute let me know,

    • Andy's dad

      Hey xxxx, how do you get a password for the Money Maker page? Love your blog; lots of info, links, and interesting stuff.

      • sempire22

        Thanks! Any feedback you have towards the articles I post I would love to hear.

        The MoneyMaker page is a personal online repository for all of the information I use for my trading. That’s the only reason there’s a password.

  • Katie

    Hey xxxxxx, I have been meaning to stop by and tell you that your food and storage section is unable to be accessed!

  • sempire22

    Thanks!! I’m looking into it now.

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